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Human Extracellular Matrix
A New Therapeutic Frontier

Cells are organized into tissues and organs by the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). The ECM is not only a scaffold that provides structure and support, but a dynamically changing driver of cell behavior and cell interactions.  In most chronic diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure,  and pulmonary fibrosis, the ECM becomes abnormal and enables increased inflammation, fibrosis and hypoxia (reduced oxygen supply).  New therapeutic pathways are emerging in pharma and biotech that focus on the ECM and its interactions. XM Therapeutics is at the forefront of this approach developing designer human ECM particles for tissue and organ repair.

XM Therapeutics

Founded in 2022, XM Therapeutics, Inc. is a Rhode Island – based start-up enabling the therapeutic application of technologies developed at Brown University by the team of Jeffrey Morgan, Ph.D. The platform enables the production of uniform injectable ECM particles with distinct 3D architectures and proteomes that are generated consistently from human cells. These designer ECM formulations have the potential to mitigate fibrosis, hypoxia, and inflammation with ensuing tissue damage in various organs and diseases. XM Therapeutics has chosen to focus initially on two of the most serious disorders, Heart Failure and Pulmonary Fibrosis, where the clinical need and the market size are enormous and continue to grow. This strategic choice represents a very high bar with regard to preclinical and clinical development, but it is based on the proven experience of the founders and will facilitate and expedite the development of other indications and applications.